Electronic Baddass Ballast Technology: Clean vs Dirty Grow Lights

Theory of clean vs dirty lights depends on the electronic ballast technology used.

Grow lights used with baddass ballast, provide clean light & maximum output.

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Medical Marijuana Grow Lights: BaddAss Ballast vs NextGen

Advancved Nutrients presents medical marijuana grow lighting square wave low frequency digital ballasts compared to high frequency digital ballasts for hydroponics medical marijuana grow lighting

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Rooftop Hydroponic Farming is it worth investing?
Many city dwellers do not have the space and adequate soil to build gardens. Do you live in the city and wish you could grow your own fruits and vegetables? Why don’t you try to create your own hydroponic garden on the roof of your building? Rooftop hydroponic gardening is becoming more and more popular nowadays. A hydroponic rooftop garden would be an excellent choice for you if you want to have a hassle free gardening experience. A balcony or roof deck can easily be used to grow your favorite fruits and vegetables throughout the year. Before you start your rooftop garden, it is important to have the roof checked to make sure it can support the added weight of a garden.
To start rooftop hydroponic gardening, you should decide on what plants or herbs you want to grow and how many of each. Once you decide the amount of plants you want to grow, you need to get plastic containers or plastic tubes to grow your plants. Next, you need to cut holes in them to place your potted plants properly. You can either buy seedlings from market or grow your own seedlings. Once you have your seedlings, take them out of their pots, and rinse the roots to remove the dirt. After washing them properly, you need to place your plants in some sort of growing medium such as rockwool, vermiculite, or hydroton and then fed with a nutrient solution to make them grow.
Hydroponic Gardening

 I am a gardener and very keen to know about new things that help me get bigger and better yields. Recently started using Hydroponic Products from Advanced Nutrients, and have seen some great results. The sole reason to start this page is to help people know more about hydroponic nutrients. How to use hydroponics, what are the best hydroponic products and the best hydroponic supplies.


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Ph balancing for hydroponics

Ph balancing for hydroponics


Desert Courtyard Garden designed by landscape architect Steve Martino of Cactus City Design, Phoenix, Arizona. Love that orange and the paired down planting.


Desert Courtyard Garden designed by landscape architect Steve Martino of Cactus City Design, Phoenix, Arizona. Love that orange and the paired down planting.


Kari Herer Photography


  • Kari Herer Photography
Learn To Grow Tomatoes Using Hydroponics Products

If you enjoy growing tomatoes, you will be amazed to find out that you can grow them year round even with limited space. The secret is hydroponic gardening. With the use of water, nutrient solutions and artificial light, you can grow hydroponic tomatoes anywhere.

To hone your hydroponic skills, you should start your plants from seeds using a rockwool starter cube in a standard nursery tray. Once true leaves appear and roots are showing through the bottom of the cube, you need to place your seedlings into a larger rockwool block. There are various methods of growing tomatoes hydroponically. The widespread method of growing is the drip irrigation system. This is a fully automated system and is probably the most common hydroponics system in the world today. Another excellent method of growing hydroponic tomatoes is the ‘flood and drain’ system, also known as Ebb and flow tables.

You can use any of the methods to grow hydroponic tomatoes but you need to be very careful while considering growth influencing factors (GIFs). The most important is the lighting systems of your hydroponic grow room. Keep your plants under 2 or 3 fluorescent lights and leave it on for 16 to 18 hours every day. By slowly moving the bulbs closer to the plants every day, you need to increase the light level gradually. Next is the proper maintenance of temperature. Tomato plants pretty much need the standard temperatures that you normally use for growing any hydroponic vegetables, i.e. around 22-26C during the day time and approximately 5C lower during the night. Tomato plants are quite delicate and require gentle handling when pruning and staking.

Tomatoes need the right amount of nutrients to flourish properly. You should check the pH of the water on a daily basis to ensure consistent chemical qualities.  For that, products like Iguana Juice Grow and Organic B would be a right selection for you.

The manufacturing processes of Iguana juice are so advanced that the ingredients retain their whole nutritional value. Iguana is the perfect source of effective and nutritious micronutrients. Each and every ingredient in Iguana Juice is premium sourced, deodorized, and clean-processed so that you can get only fresh, pure and most potent organic formula for your plants. You can use it in any type of hydroponic gardening system.

Likewise, Organic B is also very useful for the all round development of your plants. Plants need vitamin B even more than we humans do. One of the biggest benefits of Organic B is that it is triple-filtered and carefully manufactured so that it can flow easily in indoor hydroponics indoor systems. It comes with a pleasant scent and super-concentrated form and is quickly absorbed by roots no matter what type of garden you are having. Organic B is the only B vitamin formula specifically designed and tested in all types of garden including hydroponics systems, sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing mediums. It has been developed for all hydroponic, aeroponic, drip irrigation, NFT, and ebb and flow system. Growing hydroponic tomatoes with the help of proper hydroponic products always need less effort than the traditional methods. You just need to monitor the complete environmental scope on a daily basis to get the better yield.

Indoor Gardening :- is concerned with the growing of houseplants within a residence or building, in a conservatory, or in a greenhouse